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Meredith Reiner Evans is a Licensed Acupuncturist and the founder of Advantage Acupuncture.  We encourage patients to see acupuncture and integrative medicine as a service much like Chiropractic and use them together as part of their wellness routine. During a treatment she may use acupuncture alone, or incorporate electrical stimulation, cupping, moxibustion, or soft tissue therapy. She may also recommend a prescription of herbal medicines in conjunction with your treatments performed in person at our office.



From beauty, to food, to sleep, we are constantly testing which products are best for our wellness. When you enter our office you will notice that there are a wide selection of products available for purchase at the front desk retail section including Standard Process vitamins, beauty products, books, cervical traction units, pillows, and more. 


Please speak to Dr. Denise if you would like more information on the benefits of the products that we carry. 



Essential oils are aromatic compounds that are organically found in nature. Besides their powerful fragrance, essential oils have extremely beneficial properties for our health because they can permeate cell walls. Each oil is distinct in it's usage and unique reaction with the body. Doterra offers Certified Therapeutic Grade oils which undergo a pure distilling process to offer medicinal effects. 


Dr. Denise commonly asks patients if they would like to sample these powerful oils following adjustments.  Stop in the office to shop our collection or order them online!



Dr. Denise has spent extensive hours researching and reading the latest information on the benefits of proper nutrition and exercise as well as her own personal experience. If you have nutritional, exercise, or weight loss needs, you may want to set up a special time to sit down and discuss your concerns with the doctor to see if she has any suggestions for you.


Please consult the front desk staff or call the office for more details.

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